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Open Data -- Open Government

Date: 2013-11-21
Tags: open-data open-government

I was just at the talk by Mark Headd, Philly’s first Chief Data Officer, where he discussed his experience with Philly’s Open Data (just for kicks, here are Chigago’s Open Data and New York City’s Open Data).

As an avid user of open-data for my research and class projects this semester (mostly via PASDA), the talk hit close to home. Most interesting was that I’ve only ever thought of open-data in terms of spatial data, as that’s what I most often need, whereas it’s much more than that: legislation, contact information, police incidents, &c. Not only does putting this information out there allow the creation of applications to help citizens, but also fosters an open-government: the more data placed out there, the harder it is to hide wrong-doing and double-speak.