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Public Comments on Proposed Legislation

Date: 2013-11-21
Tags: comments legislation

While researching if Pittsburgh has any Open Data legislation or decrees, I came across a site where Councilman Burges introduced Open Data legislation in 2012 which led me to the piece of legilsation proposed on Google Docs, where people could comment on the legislation.

That got me thinking of a project my friends Joe Frambach and Lindsey Bieda worked on 3 years ago, Margin-and-Tonic. Margin-and-Tonic allowed readers to leave comments in the margin about lines in a text. (I will get an example of it up a little later tonight). It would be awesome to have any legislation proposed in council to have at least a week for people comment on legislation and perhaps another week for council to respond. This could give citizens the ability to participate in their local government.

The current status of the Open Data legislation is held in the Committee on Finance and Law.