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GPR: Radar Plots with GNUPlot (and PERL)

Date: 2013-01-18
Tags: projects gpr gus perl

gpr is a PERL utility to create gnuplot scripts that generate radar charts. While working on it, I remembered all the reasons I love and hate PERL.

Last night I had the idea of starting to do tea and beer reviews with Anne. I thought a nice way to present this information would be in a Radar Chart. I thought gnuplot would be good for this and wrote up gpr to take data of the format

 %format: jpeg
 %max: 5
 %min: 1
 Bitter: 2
 Nutty: 3
 Earthy: 4
 Floral: 1
 Sweet: 2

and convert it into this

I then worked on allowing gus to use external programs to handle assets. This will also allow the use of SASS/SCSS and the YUI Compressor and similar as well. I’m still working on the README for that feature.

I’ve made it so that gpr will always make one of the axes point straight up.

I’ll be working on making the radar charts look a little nicer, as well, as time goes on.