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Evernote, SMS, and Twitter

Date: 2013-03-23
Tags: twitter sms evernote

My phone often runs low on battery (yes, I need to audit what applications are running) so I will often turn off the 3G network. I’ve been looking for a way to send notes to Evernote via SMS. I remembered that you can email notes to an Evernote-assigned email address, so I try that, but with 3G off, MMS doesn’t work on my phone. (I’ve seen other bug reports about this, but never looked into it enough to find the problem.)

I then remember that I often tweet via SMS (Twitter’s shortcode is 40404, just set up your phone in your account settings), and there is @myEN but I forgot how to send a DM via SMS. Twitter Help to the rescue!

Sending d myEN note text to Twitter, once the myEN-Evernote link is created, will create a new note with “note text” in it. This is exactly what I wanted!