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Dates. Know them!

Date: 2013-01-15
Tags: dates history Evernote StudyBlue

While in India, our tour guide mentioned that Jaipur was founded in 18 November 1727 and had a pre-planned system of boulevards with 4-lane divided streets. Tricia, my sis-in-law, pipped in that that was 150 years before Haussmann’s renovation of Paris’s_renovation_of_Paris in 1853 to 1870. This got me thinking about how in high school I hated learning dates and most adults told us it was only important to know the general “flow” of history and specific dates weren’t important.

That was all bull. Dates are important. How else does one integrate different “flows” in history? As such I’m creating an Evernote notebook to compile a bunch of dates and facts that I should probably know, but don’t. The notebook is a work-in-progress and I am constantly adding to it and looking for things to add. I love Evernote, but more on that in another post.

I’m also looking at the Evernote-StudyBlue integration to use these notes as flashcards on my phone. I don’t think that’ll end up happing though, but I’ll give it another try tomorrow.

Aside: Jaipur is a very nice city, and one of the best we saw. Walking through the market was something else. I could see myself going back to Jaipur. We didn’t see much of Agra beyond the Taj Mahal, Itmad-ud-daula, and Agra Fort, so I can’t comment too much on it. I normally enjoy large urban areas, but the smell of exhaust and ozone in addition to the amount of dust and smoke in Delhi was just a bit much for me to take.