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Anger in Politics

Date: 2017-06-15
Tags: politics

It saddened me deeply to learn about the (shooting at practice for the Congressional Baseball Game practice)[https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/public-safety/multiple-people-injured-after-shooting-in-alexandria/2017/06/14/0289c768-50f6-11e7-be25-3a519335381c_story.html]. I sympathise with the frustration the shooter feels with our political system, but I cannot condone, or even fathom, using violence in an attempt to cause political change. Instances where domestic terrorism, because even if the media won't call it and him that he is a terrorist, are actually productive are few and very far between.

Even the US Revolution, was essentially 13 (now independent) Countries waging war against another country; which may have been the only thing that kept us from plunging into dictatorship and further (immediate) war. Even the first French Revolution left France with an Empire for many decades. The Russian February Revolution led to the October Revolution which led to Lenin and Stalin. We're still seeing the aftermath of Bolivar's Revolutions in South America. Israel is hardly peaceful. Africa is still rife with civil wars and mismanagement. The Cultural Revolution in China brought neither communism nor democracy. Violence in politics never begets peace. It's those who are brave enough to sit and govern fairly instead of trying to consolidate their own power that end cycles of violence and usher in stability.

During the Occupy movement, especially as abuses of power mounted, I began to seriously wonder if armed revolt was going to be necessary to combat what felt like a willingness of the government to use force against peaceful protest. While there was undoubtedly an overuse of violence against protesters, answering with violence would have been the worst possible decision. Violence further justifies violence.

It angers me beyond belief that calls for political action are being associated with and put on par with putting bullseye on Democrat faces ending with one of them being shot and 6 others killed. There are a lot of angry people because Republicans are doing everything in their power to make life more difficult for the poor, and easier for the rich. The actions of one deranged man pain all this anger as inappropriate.

It is appropriate to be angry given everything the Republican base in Congress is doing. We should be furious! We need to channel that anger into political action: call and write your rep and senator; get involved in campaigns (local, state, and federal); have civil, constructive debates with people;VOTE.

Don't let anyone tell you your anger is invalid or unfounded or dangerous. Be angry! Be furious! You're getting the short end of the stick almost every time the Republican base votes. Use that anger constructively, not destructively. Violence is an attack on the very principles our republic is founded on. Non-violent political action is a reƤffermation of those values.