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Date: 2007-06-29

I was on my way to a side job that I found here (to take up some of my spare time. It is at the local hospital. On Thursday, I walked in the ground floor, to buy a donut for breakfast. I saw some coworkers there and started chatting. I grabbed a donut, went to check you, and had the cashier tell me that it was a cash only register, and I only had my MAC card. I felt so embarrassed and went to put the donut back, and she said, don’t worry about it, just take it. I was so grateful of it. I enjoyed every bite of that donut. The next time I’m there I’ll have her ring me for it.

Work has been interesting. I’ve been working on the database and a genetic algorithm. When I get bored or stalled on those, I’ve been working on a graphical interface to the queue for the supercomputer I use. It’s becoming a much more mature project than I first envisioned. It’s fun; I’ve had many people express interest in using it when I release it.

I’ve been working on a little program that uses Google Maps to display pictures I’ve been taking, so I’m sorry for not posting more of them. This weekend I’ll try to get some up. I really want you guys to see this place; it’s so cool.

The friend I met, in Shadyland, got a new job and works the only times I could see her. I would like to see her more. Maybe if her schedule changes later. I get to talk to her still, which is better than nothing.

I’m glad that everything in my life is like it is. It could be better, but it could be a whole lot worse. Just have to keep a positive attitude. I’m happy that the things I’ve worried most about never happened. It’s almost 1, so I think I’m going to go to bed. I’ll write again tomorrow.