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Yay! I met someone!

Date: 2007-06-22

Monday had to be the hottest day so far. Even at night, I was sweating bullets as I tried to sleep. It was ever so slightly cooler in my living room, so I slept there. I bought a fan yesterday, but it’s been pretty cool last night and tonight. It’s a cute little thing. Keeps me cool during the day.

Yesterday, after work, I met this girl on my way home. She was pretty cute, and asked if I wanted to go back to her place, so, thinking of the impending loneliness at my apartment, I decided to follow her. We hopped on a streetcar (yes! street cars! And I get free fair because of my student ID), and road into Shadyland. After we got of the streetcar, I realized why it was called Shadyland: there are tree’s everywhere! It was quite nice. So we walked back to her place. Her, her roommate, and I sat and talked for a while. Then her roommate made a delicious dinner of chicken, noodles, and mushrooms. Probably the best food I’ve eaten since I got here. We sat and chatted while watching a movie called “Phone-booth.” It left a lot to be desired, I feel. I helped her take the garbage out, and found out that it was raining. I asked if I could stay over or get a ride back, so she drove me back, she needed to study for a final. I think she said her name was Mel, or Kel or something (I’m so sorry). She said her roommate’s name was Sarah, which is my sisters name, so I can’t forget that:) So anyway, if you’re reading this, thanks for the ride home and good time! I’ll be updating my map, now that I know a little more about what is out there.

When I got back home, I decided to hop on AIM to see if anyone from home was on. A friend of mine since elementary school was on, and we started chatting about things. She asked if I had been to LuLu’s. I said, “Yes! I work right next to it!” She told me she was jealous, and to say hi to it the next time that I went past. Dateline: this morning. I’m walking past the restaurant on my way to work, stop, look up at the sign, and wave and say hello to it. One fo the natives, who seems to sit on the reassurance step like he lives there or something, looks up at me and gave me a weird look. I gave him a weird look back and headed to work.

I haven’t seem anymore native creatures, yet. Everyone seems to always talk about this one bird. They say it is always around. I have yet to see it. It’s said that when it walks, it bobs its head too. It sounds so cute.

I keep telling myself that I’m a pessimist, and that a certain someone from back on the mainland isn’t mad at me just busy. I hope so, I wouldn’t want to loose them as a friend. On an unrelated note about friends, it’s fun how enjoyable long letters can be.

It’s late, and I’m going to start tomorrow again at something I’ve been saying I’m gonna do for a while. Speaking of things I’ve been saying I’m gonna do, I signed up for CPR and First aid training for next month. That should be at least useful, and at most interesting:) Good night dear friends, and best wishes for the new day!