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Mondays must be cursed

Date: 2007-06-25

Last night was again a very hot night. My little fan is coming in very handy now.

Tonight one of those days where I just could not be at work. I felt very jittery and anxious at my desk. I left work at 2 o’ clock. I told my boss that I was going to read papers in the park. This was true, but not immediately. I was told that there is this place in Shadyland that allows you to rent movies. I was very shocked. In this day of age where people are paranoid about their “Intellectual Property,” I can’t believe that people make money from renting something which can be so easily copied (not to imply that I would do that). Any-who, I hopped on a tram over there. I thought that I knew the address, but when I got onto Craighead St. I realized that that was a fallacy. Random graph searched are not very efficient ways to find something, but it was my only recourse, the girl I met last week was at work, as were all my friends back home. After about an hour of walking up Craighead, and down Calm Blvd, I found the store. As I walked around it, I added many movies to my movie list. I ended up renting Being John Malkovitch and Garden State. I’ve only watched Being John Malkovitch so far. It as a good movie. Interesting and odd, but good. I’ll watch Garden State tomorrow or the next day, depending. I did get through 1 and a half of the 2 papers I wanted to get though tonight, so not all was lost.

When I got home I was greeted by a rabid dog. I’ve met him many times before. Everytime I try to fight him, he attacks harder and more feircly. He tore into me this time. A little latter he came back and was just as blood thirsty. I wish I could kill him, I just do not know how.

Last Friday I went into the down town part of the city to catch a subway train home. Subway stations are amzing places. So much activity crammed underground, and then these two tunnels bring forth and consume the things for which the people are waiting. The tunnels are just there. If you peer into them, nothing but blackness greets your vision. Nothing is know about what the tunnels connect or where they go (OK, so that’s not true, there is a map on the wall and I’m sure most people have been to most of the stations, but bear with me). A place of mystery and awe subway stations are. Anyway, my car came, and I got on it. It goes under the small straight seperating the island from the mainland. On the mainland, I transferd to a train to go further in. The trip is a little under 2 hours long, so I snuggled up with Jane Eyre and passed the time as the train wound its way about the country side. Once I got to the end of the line (my intended desination) I was not welcomed to my fathers care until half an hour had passed; namely because he was not there. Some good calling ahead does.

The next day, Saturday, at around 9am I head towards the DMV. There I was intimidated and told to park, and drive around the minor city near the center. It was not a perfect run around, but it I made it back without ending anyone or things life. The examiner decided that I was quilified to be issued a drivers license. Now that is the 4th most important card in my wallet! (Eclipsed by my school ID, which gets me free tram travel, another schools ID to get me into work (it is a joint program I work at), and my debit card, as I need to buy things every now and then).