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Date: 2007-06-22

I’m starting to get a little scared. The landlord put some sort of trap (tad large of an image) in places of the front steps. I think that it is for the monster in the cave. I called the landlord, he said that it was nothing, then chuckled. Why did he chuckle!!! Oh God, I hope I survive this trip. I thought I heard the monster growl, or it could have been a bad electric guitar player with his amp up a lot, but it sounded a lot like a monster growl. It was horrible.

So I’m watching the Office marathon. I love how the whole thing just works and is real enough to be believable, but just over the edge enough to be funny. Pam is quite cute and funny. I wonder if there are any other Pams out there. In one episode in the marathon, Jim sent Dwight a fax on Dwight’s own letter head he stole before he transfered, but as Dwight from the future. All is good withe the world. I think that the Office is one of the few shows that I would buy on DVD. I absolutely love this show. It’s a brilliant show.

Last night, as I was on the toilet, before I went to bed. As I’m sitting there, this little flying insect starts flying around. I take my PopSci and wave it out the door (I can open the door, no one else is there). As I motioned it out, I hit it. It flew and hit the door. The poor thing fell to the ground, started flapping with only one wing, and went up, and fell to the ground next to the vent and died. I didn’t want to kill it! I started to cry and then cried myself to sleep. I really didn’t mean to hurt it :’(

Today, in about 3hrs after lunch, I wrote this sweet little application using Objective-C and Interface Builder to show the status of the servers and how many programs are in queue. It was fun and pretty cool that I made something that works and looks nice so quickly.

I’ve started to take pictures of the beautiful city. I’m going to start posting the pics as soon as I get an album program up and running. I want to take pics of every building. The architecture is amazing.