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Date: 2007-06-15

Hey! Sorry that it’s taken me so long to start writing to you all. The rest of the island doesn’t have internet at the moment and I had to gain my bosses trust before he would let me use it for non-work related stuff. C’est La Vie. I have so much that I want to tell you all! I live about 5 minutes from the coast. Unfortunately it is a cliff on the side of the island that I am on, so there isn’t a beach there, boo. The city is so pretty, I wish you all could see it. The buildings are so much larger and intricately designed than they are back home. There is just so much to tell you all; I don’t know where I should begin, as there is no beginning to something spacial:) Let me start with where I live and move out from there. There are no real good maps of this place, so I will create one so you can place my stories. As time goes on I will update it.

I live in small 4 room (1 bedroom, living room, kitchen, and bath) apartment. It is pretty nice. It is one of the better places on the island, I am told. It is pretty spacious, especially for as a bachelor pad. There aren’t many electrical outlets, though. Electricity came to this part of the isle only a few years ago. How a major institute of learn grew up here is an amazing story in and of itself! My place is situated above the Cave of Mystery, so named because no one knows what is in it. It makes me a little nervous, but I’ve been assured that it’s perfectly safe, and monsters haven’t been seen in these parts for at least 3 years. When I enquired about the monsters the man replied that it was of no concern to an outsider. It made me feel like I was in It or something. My place has a bunch of windows, which is nice. It keeps the place cool. As you can guess, air conditioning is still making its way over here. My TV can only pick up one station from the mainland, thank God it’s NBC, hockey and the Office!

The city, from the little bit that I have seen, seems to be laid out in a haphazard fashion; testament to the age of this amazing city.

The city-dwelling animals, like the people, are very kind and come up to see you if you are walking, or eating, to ask for food. They are so cute, the animals, not the people, well maybe some of these native girls;), anyway.

I am still getting acquainted with the many sights and places here on the island. As for my work; however, I’m starting to become very familiar with it, and might end up publishing at summer’s end. Since I haven’t made any friends here yet, I usually spend the nights studying for the GRE’s or tinkering on some little project of mine.

I should go off and cook some dinner for myself. I’ll write more tomorrow!