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Date: 2007-07-13

So before I finish the story of my camping trip, the story of the past hour of my life. I did laundry. True, very true, but that’s not exciting enough to write about, or is it…no! So, I usually always keep the bottom little turn-knob lock, locked and my keys in my pocket. If the knob isn’t locked, that’s no so much of a problem, however, if I forget my keys, that is a big problem.

I carried my stuff out to the laundromat, as soon as I shut the door, I realized that I didn’t have my pillow case. I reached into my pocket to get my keys out, and no keys. Now, a lot of 4 letter words went through my head, but I flushed them out in a few breaths and began to think of what to do. I took my stuff to the laundromat next door and start them. After i start everything, I get out my computer (because, luckily, I brought it to type up my next update) to get my landlord’s number. No answer. I call a bunch of people in the area, no answer. I go back to my door and put my stuff outside of it. I go to the first floor to call my dad (I was going to go for a walk, but decided to stay on the first floor). As I pick up my phone the girl that lives on the first floor steps out of her apartment, and we scare each other, and jump back. We just looked at each other. That was the best makeout session of my life, no, haha, I introduced myself and we went about our business.

At this point I have no idea what to do. I noticed that my hinges were on the outside of my door; I proceeded to think about how unsafe that is. That was when I got a big smirk. I found a nail next to my door (I don’t know) and took the top pin out. The second and bottom pins would not move. I even went to get a rock to use as a hammer, but that didn’t help any. I then began to focus my attention on the lock itself. I tried many things, but eventually, I was able to push the bolt that comes out into the door enough to open the door. Now although it was pitch black in my apartment, and the hall was lit by a 60W bulb around the corner there was a lot of light and many angel’s singing the Hallelujah Chorus.

I got my keys, locked the door (keys in hand) and came down to type this and get my clothes. That my friends, is how I spent the last hour of my life, and I would prefer to never do it again!