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The chicken dish I made was good...

Date: 2007-07-21

Yesterday to next Tuesday will probably be the best part of this summer here!

Yesterday a friend took the train over from the mainland to come and see Chicago with me. It was very good. I had been waiting to see that since I bought the tickets near a month a go. I love going to see shows. We were on the main floor, in the Right Center section, row Q, right next to the center. There were good seats, I think. (As they should be for what I spent on them!)

Afterwards her and I took a street car out to a little dinner called Ritter’s. It’s such a cute little place, and they have the best pancakes ever! I especially love their “Smores” pancakes. They are chocolate chip pancakes with some graham crackers and lots of small marshmallows between them. <3, that’s all I have to say. That’s what I got. She got a BLT. We had to have sat there for easily 2 hours just talking. It was fun. I love talking with her. This; hoever, was a first for me (dispite having been there many times), I was there before midnight. Those girls that I met here and I would go at times, but only late (or early, depending on your perspective).

Today I felt that I got work done at work. I helped find some errors in a program that caused it to not run on the Mac’s we have there. The past 2 weeks have be so-so with me. I’d only little bits to do, so I wasn’t busy all the time. I also did a lot of cleaning of my apartment today. I feel so much better that it is clean now. I just feel clean in it, now:)

I’ve bought at least 10 new books. Please, please, stop me!

I’ve been thinking about staying as an undergrad for an extra year, to prove to graduate school’s that I can do good work. It would give me more time to publish papers, take some class’s I’ve been wanting to. It would also allow me to finish another major or two.

I’m going to go to a CPR/First Aid class on Tuesday, at the Red Cross. It should be fun.

On Wednesday, the workshop I was helping at went to visit the “machine room,” where all the supercomputers are kept. It was a huge white room with a raised floor (the tiles come out, and there’s about 2 feet under it). The computers are huge and colored black and gold. The XT3 looks like a sleeping giant and the Marvels the little workhorses they are. The bioinformatics cluster, not so impressive looking. When they started talking about the infrastructure surrounding the room, it dawned on me how important engineering is to a good system. Just little things, like making sure generators are in sync before delivering their power, little touches that make a big difference.

As I walked from the bus to the grocery store, there were two girls in a window of a building looking at everyone walking. They looked odd, I had never seen anyone watch people from a window before. I couldn’t tell their age.

After I finished shopping, I went to the bus stop infront of the store, sat, and ate an apple. I finish the apple and releaize I’m on the wrong side of the street. I quickly rush up the street and to the otherside. As soon as I get to the other stop, a bus appeares behind me. Lucky timing…

Tonight I’m suppose to meet up with an old friend. I’m taking the tram to the other side of the island and meeting her at the dock. I’m so excited!