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Date: 2007-06-26

I see even in this exotic land my headaches still follow me. Such a waste of the night. I got home and cleaned a little, made some dinner, and have just been trying to get rid of it. I’v had my fan on in the living room almost continuously, and it is now almost comfortable in here.

I made some tea, because that normally helps me. The only issue is the heat. I decided to make it and chill it a little. As I boiled the water, I added the tea bag. However, the little paper tag at the end of the string connected to the tea bag go a little close to the fire. The side of the paper burst into flames! I just stood there watching it. Being out of it (from my headache) all I could do was think that it was funny. I’m just glad it wasn’t anything serious, as I would have done the same thing.

The one girl at work, that I had mentioned before, I saw as I was making my lunch. I asked to sit opposite her. She said sure. I don’t believe that I had ever felt so nervous just sitting next to someone with no specific intent besides to chit-chat. I must have made a fool of myself. She is a nice girl, though. I; however, forget her name. It was said at the last bio-med group meeting, but I forget. O must have made a fool of myself.

On the way home I finally found one of the exotic birds that people say infest the place. There were a bunch of them in the park. So many different colors and designed near their eyes. There were also many other, smaller birds, of a separate species, I believe, around the birds. I was able to snap a photo of one of the larger birds. Unfortunately, the cable for my camera is at home and I need to get it shipped to me.

Last night I implemented a new philosophy of being more outgoing and less pensive about things. My first application of it was fruitless, but I feel better now. I think that this will help me in life. I cannot be pensive about every little thing. I was hoping last night would be fruitful, but as I lost nothing in the attempt, I am glad I did it.

Damn rabid dog. I need to set traps.