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Fun and Interesting Waypoints

Date: 2016-07-21
Tags: trivia air-travel

None of the maps or data presented here should be used for actual navigation

At lunch yesterday some coworkers and I got onto the topic flight waypoints and I was reminded of funny air waypoints. While waiting for some code to run, I decided to look up some for Pittsburgh. I found the STARs and IAPs and saw obvious gems like TERBL TOWEL, MYRON COPPE, PENGN GUINZ, RIVERZ, and HEINZ. I knew I had to look deeper! I had some trouble finding a list of waypoints, but stumbled upon fplan and its 2015 database. With a little `sed` magic, I was able to extract a file qgis could read. I quickly found a handful more!

I attempted to catalouge those as well as some interesting names. The theory on why each of the blue beacons is named as it is are my own. If you have better data or a good theory for some others, let me know!

ID Type Thoughts
COPPE RNAV-WP Myron Cope (see MYRON)
CRSBY RNAV-WP Sidney Crosby (see CYDNY)
CYDNY RNAV-WP Sidney Crosby (See CRSBY)
DIXIN REP-PT Mason-Dixon Line
FLURY RNAV-WP Marc Andre Fleury
GOLDH RNAV-WP Golden Triangle? (Not sure at all)
GUINZ RNAV-WP Penguins Hockey (see PENGN)
JOEPA RNAV-WP Joe Paterno :-\
JOHNB REP-PT Former Mayor of Pittsburgh / Constitutional Convention Deligate
KEDKE RNAV-WP KDKA (1st Commerical radio station)?
LEMEW RNAV-WP Mario Lemieux
LMBRT RNAV-WP Jack Lambert
MLKIN RNAV-WP Yevgenie Mulkin
MYRON RNAV-WP Myron Cope (see COPPE)
PEETE REP-PT Pengiuns’ first mascot??????? (not sure at all)
PENGN RNAV-WP Penguins Hockey (see GUINZ)
PITTZ REP-PT Pittsburgh
RACOO REP-PT Racoon Creek State Park
RIVRZ RNAV-WP Three Rivers
STARG REP-PT Willie Stargell (see WIILE)
STILR RNAV-WP Pittsburgh Steelers
TERBL RNAV-WP Terrible Towel (see TOWEL)
TOWEL RNAV-WP Terrible Towel (see TERBL)
WIILE REP-PT Willie Stargell (see STARG)
WOLES RNAV-WP Wholey’s ?
WYLER REP-PT Heinz Brand??
YINZZ RNAV-WP Pittsburgheese Plural You